Learn About Getting a 420 Evaluation in Santa Cruz CA

Get a 420 evaluations in Santa Cruz for marijuana cards, recommendations to use marijuana to visit local Santa Cruz medical marijuana dispensaries.


420 Evaluations Santa Cruz Medical Marijuana Evaluations, Cards, Recommendations


This location specializes in administering 420 Evaluations Santa Cruz CA. , medical marijuana recommendations and written medical marijuana cards from our legitimately California licensed marijuana physicians. By taking an individualized approach to cannabis evaluations and medicine, PureCann 420 Evaluations Santa Cruz Medical Marijuana Doctors certainly separates itself from the rest of its competitors. We boast a staff that is built-up of some of the most compassionate, understanding and intelligent individuals, all of which are here to be used at a patient’s disposal for questions, concerns and queries.  We serve patients in Santa Cruz, Westside, UCSC (University of California at UC Santa Cruz), Eastside, Aptos, Capitola, Watsonville, Scotts Valley, San Jose, Soquel, & Salinas.

420 Evaluations Santa Cruz medical marijuana cards from Licensed California Cannabis Doctors

***NOTE: Patients with a cardiovascular history (heart surgery, heart attacks, stents, tachy arrhythmias etc.) and/or psychiatric history (severe depression, psychiatric hospitalizations may require letters of clearance from a primary care doctor or medical specialist ie. cardiologist, psychiatrists, psychologist etc. 

Patients in Santa Cruz can get referred from their primary care doctors or specialists for 420 evaluations Santa Cruz CA.

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